Virtual Holiday Field Trips During Covid

Across the country, many children are at home due to school closures and recommendations for social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus. But with nowhere to go and your childs education pausing, what can you still travel with them? Well, your childs education and your travel plans do not have to pause during this time.

Even though youre at home as we fight to contain the coronavirus and flatten the curve, you can experience some neat and amazing museums, zoos and other place with a virtual experience.

Many sightseeing locations have opened their virtual doors to give parents something educational to do with their children. Organizations and Educators have come together during this difficult time to offer resources to help parents keep their children learning while out of school. Youll find many different resources and age-appropriate activities for free throughout the internet.

So heres a guide to make preschool learning and virtual field trips at home easy and seamless for you.

Make a planplan out the virtual field trips youll be doing with your child each day and how to integrate that education with the work you might need to do from home for your employer.

  1. Host Virtual Celebration-if youre far from family and friends or looking for new ways to connect during the Covid-19 outbreak, hosting an online party is a way to stay connected. FaceTime, ZOOM, Skype, or otherwise videoconference with family members. Explain to your child that digital communication instead of seeing friends and family in person right now can help prevent getting other people sick. Get everyone excited with an invitation and plan intentional a

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