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Young Innovators Academy is revolutionizing early childhood education in Orlando and beyond. Our founding team of educators and academia have come together with a mission to empower childhood early education through creative curriculums that prepare them for a world of constant change. Our pioneering people-centered curriculum integrates new trends in education and takes cutting-edge learning concepts to the next level, ensuring every young learner achieves their highest potential.

Our unique value proposition lies in our mission: to empower children through an engaging curriculum and foster positive academic experiences while inspiring innovative thinking and creative problem-solving skills. By encouraging collaboration between learners of different ages, stages, and backgrounds, we aspire to build future generations of innovators with the power to change the world! With Young Innovators Academy, every child will discover their inner innovator!

Dr. Junie Albers-Biddle, Dr. Kelly Jennings, Dr. Debby Mitchell, Marnie Forestieri and Dr. Deirdre Englehart at the University of Central Florida in 2013.
A community of academia and practitioners begins working together to create the framework for design the first STEM curriculum for early childhood education in Oviedo Florida.
Maker training
Young INnovators Oviedo
Dr. Edward Clapp introduces maker-learning strategies developed by Agency by Design.
Collaboration in action: Erika Seger, Donna Carruthers, Misti Castner and Marnie Forestieri.
Sharing with others
Marnie and Debby

Dr. Debby Mitchell and Marnie Forestieri.

Leadership Team


Marnie Forestieri


Education entrepreneur, curriculum writer, and author. Lifelong learner and world traveler. Marnie can be found in the hallways looking for dessert after lunch.

In Oviedo

Dr. Debby Mitchell

VP Curriculum

Educator, curriculum writer and teacher. I blend my passion for music with my kinesthetic learning style and coffee to create fun music. 

In Oviedo

Erika Seger


Educator, Passionate in curriculum implementation, Operations, and Director. Responsible for keeping things in order, family fun nights, and tailgating after an UCF Football game.
jay zettler

Jay Zettler

VP Business Development and Acquisitions

Deal maker, sales strategist, and Air Force veteran. Devoted to faith, family, friends, new adventures, fitness and music production.


Donna Carruthers

VP of Research and Development

Education Entrepreneur, impassioned teacher, and philanthropist. Devoted to faith, family, friends, new adventures, and chocolate.

In Oviedo

Misti Castner


Childcare boss, teacher and administrator. Misti can be found in Oviedo planning staff parties and school events.

Domi Maigut

Domi Maigut

Enrichment Program Director

 Specialty Teacher. My expertise lies in teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI), coding, and specialty Art classes. I am thrilled to bring the wonders of technology and creativity to our young learners.

oliver von trapp



Darmouth alumni, deal chaser, policy and tech aficionado, enterprise sales leader, all-around team player supporting the new wave of early childhood education (friends call him Olly)
samantha canibal

Sammy Canabal

 Teacher Coach

Sammy is a talented and inspiring preschool teacher who was recently promoted to Teacher Coach within Young Innovators Academy.

Beth Sharpe

Corporate trainer.

Beth’s expertise lies in curriculum director and dean of students. She brings decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to our team.



John de Armas


Gamechanger and C-Level executive mentoring the team.


Sarah Sprinkel


Educator, advocate and visionary.

Mark Allen Hayes, CCIM, PhD (c)

Board member

Entrepreneur, educator, real estate broker, coach, producer, and writer.

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