Parent Resources for Young Innovators Academy

ENROLLMENT PACKET Young Innovators Academy

To begin with the admission process, prospective parents are required to arrange a private tour of the school. These tours offer an invaluable opportunity for parents to experience our school’s atmosphere, facilities, and culture firsthand. Private tours can be scheduled at your ease directly with the school’s admission office. This visit allows parents to ask specific questions, meet the key faculty members, and understand the educational philosophy and values that guide our teaching and learning environment. Parents are encouraged to attend one of open house events, which are held throughout the school year. These events provide a more in-depth look into the school’s community, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. Attendees can meet current students, faculty, and other parents, as well as explore our campus and facilities.

Online Application

To begin the online application process, please visit the school’s official website. Search for the Admission section, where you will find detailed instructions and the application form to complete and submit.


Admissions will be processed based on the availability of spots available in the program. Approved applicants will receive a confirmation email. In case the spots are not available, you also have the option to request placement on the waitlist.

Required Document:

Along with your application, it is important to submit additional documentation, including immunization records and any pertinent medical information to ensure a safe and comprehensive educational experience. To further enhance the enrolment process, please download and complete the enrollment forms, which are available as a fillable PDF file. These forms are designed to collect all the required information to simplify your enrollment procedure.


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