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Young Innovators Academy Daycare

Your Child Deserves the Gift of Empowerment

Young Innovators is a purpose driven company that believes that children are born with the skills and creative confidence to build their destiny.  We help your child learn and thrive through "maker-centered learning." Making things connects to the learning process and to student empowerment and integrates all learning domains such as math, literacy, and STEAM subjects into the process. This helps shift the mindset of learners from consumers to creators.

Young Innovators' Programs

Young Innovators Programs

Our dedicated teachers connect emotionally with your child and your family to determine the readiness and interest of your child. We help develop both sides of a young child’s brain through fun activities that encourage their personal growth and development Click the link below to learn more about our programs.

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The Importance of Early Childhood

The Facts


of the jobs and careers elementary school students will undertake do not even exist yet.


of our brain is developed within the first five years of a child's life.


turnover rate in the childcare industry. Turnover affects the quality of the program.

Young Innovators Academy Childcare

New Locations Coming April 2020

We understand that safety, school culture, communication and a program that prepares your child for school are on top of your mind when choosing a childcare provider.

Learn how we ensure your child is safe and loved as he or she learns new things, and you are kept up-to-date on all of his or her activities and development.


Security & Safety

Safety is our main concern. From the school design, to teacher training, to emergency drills. Young Innovators Academies and our network of providers meet our safety and security standards. We use parent feedback to ensure that our providers meet our safety and quality standards.

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Young Innovators Academy Preschool
Young Innovators Academy Daycare

Culture of Happiness

Research tell us that the main quality indicator of a program is the quality of instruction. As an industry, we have failed to offer educators the salaries and conditions to stay in our industry. That's why we are helping teachers become education entrepreneurs empowering them to take control of their careers. We also assist committed childcare programs in growing and running their business. Caring, trained, and committed early childhood professionals assures the consistency your child needs during the most critical years of brain development. 

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Young Innovators Academy Preschool
Young Innovators Academy Teachers


We use technology to keep you updated on your child’s daily adventures. You will receive updates of your child’s progress, access your classroom cameras, receive pictures and information about their day, and participate in your child’s learning journey through technology-enabled components that allow families to track developmental milestones, assessments, portfolios, and daily activities.

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Young Innovators Oviedo Daycare
Young Innovators Oviedo Preschool

The Innovators of the Future

Innovation is never complete. There is always a new problem to solve, an iteration, or a fresh way of thinking to innovate for a better world. Our programs help your children innovate by going above and beyond standards, incorporating STEAM adventures that include collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem solving. We help children learn a systematic way of thinking and mathematical skills while encouraging and advancing their creative side.

Young Innovators Are:





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