Childcare Careers

A Guide to Childcare Careers
at Young Innovators

Leading a high-quality childcare program requires the care of a stable, well-educated,
committed and trained workforce.  

Childcare Careers with a purpose. 

We believed traditional programs in preschool are antiquated, outdated, and broken. To change that, we started a grassroots movement to find a better way to teach because the methods of the past won’t prepare children for a world of constant change.Young Innovators Academy is a purpose-driven company and a community of educators that believes passionately in empowering children to become agents of change and reflect the knowledge, mindsets, skills, and values required to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Young Innovators, we believe all children are wired with the critical skills and mindsets that will make them successful in the future. To meet the needs of today's students and to bring about true progress in the world around us, we need an education model that offer a radically personalized way to preserve the mindsets and skills and help every child realize their untapped potential, ideas, and problem-solving capacities. We empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, achievers, dreamers, and doers.

Our Commitment:

Firstly, as educators, we are committed to improving the lives of early childhood professionals
to create the stable workforce children need during the first years of brain development. We design careers for educators looking to grow in the industry.

Secondly, Honor the educators that shape our philosophy and share our lessons learned. 

Third, give back to the communities we serve.

Lastly, we partner with teachers to improve the quality of our programs through feedback, certifications, and yearly curriculum reviews.
Above all, our executive team of educators shares the same passion for consistent product launches and teacher training.
Consequently, we offer high-quality learning experiences to improve the lives of children, parents, and our communities at large.  
Basically, our training programs, teacher events, and ongoing support to our teachers, offer our teachers the opportunity to achieve
their career goals. 

A model school developed around the pillars of high quality early learning. We offer a family atmosphere with small class sizes, lower student-teacher ratios, and individualized learning journeys.

Serving infants to school-age children, our childcare and early learning programs embrace change and innovation. Based on new research on how the brain works and how children learn.

In Winter Park offers a family atmosphere, purpose built spaces and innovative curriculum. When you walk into our school you notice the signs of a safe, nurturing environment.

Serving the city of Winter Garden, Young Innovators Academy provides early childhood care and education of the absolute highest standard.

Give your child the
Innovation Advantage!

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I understand that this application for employment and no employment, contract is been offered. I authorize the prospective employer to inquiry as to my record of any or all persons and of my former employers. In the event of my employment with YIA, I agree to comply with the rules and regulations governing my employment. in the event of to file my resignation two weeks prior to the date effective. I understand that I am employed, such an employment is for an indefinite period of time and that YIA can change wages, benefits , and conditions at any time. I also understand that I may voluntarily leave or be terminated at any time and for any reason. I understand that if I am employed, the first three months of my employment are an introductory period and if my services are no satisfactory, my employment might be discontinued without prejudice.

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