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Social-emotional skills help children build healthy relationships and properly express their emotions. These skills help children show empathy to others and express themselves in a healthy and controlled way. From the moment babies are born, they begin learning social-emotional skills.

acts of kindness

Every parent wants to raise a kind child, but kindness must be taught, just like other traits. And one of the hardest things about teaching kindness is, that we must teach it through example. I know my son is always watching and learning from me, which makes it even more …


From a young age, its been fun to watch my son interact with other children and make friends. It starts with smiling and laughing when other people look at your child. And as they grow up, it becomes a bit more involved. Some children are naturals at making new friends, …

a rocket
inventors day

National Inventors Day is February 11 and offers an opportunity to discuss creativity and trial and error with your child. As children learn how some of the greatest inventors created everyday items we take for granted, they might find the inventor within.


The habits you allow your children to form, the lifestyle you lead and the overall attention you give your child each day all affect their childhood development. By the time children enter kindergarten, theyve developed 90 percent of their brains. With nearly full-grown brains, these children are ready to learn. …


I remember vividly what it was like the first time I talked to childcare providers. At first, no one seemed good enough. And during the tour, I had a hard time imagining my infant spending time there. But I chose one anyway and with time, my sons teacher became an …


When my son was young and just learning how to be on the move, he was fearless. He tried anything, climbed with no regard to the dangers it posed and explored wherever he pleased. But then he fell a few times and he learned fear. While in this situation fear …

new year

New Years resolutions can teach children positive ways in which they can alter their behavior. Plus, when you make resolutions as a family, you can build an even stronger bond with your children when improving your entire household

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