Gratitude Challenge: Make a Pumpkin Pie


For the “Gratitude Challenge,” Mrs. Sammy invited her kindergarten class to bake a Pumpkin Pie.

What is one idea to help young children appreciate their food more? Cooking a simple recipe is a great way to teach children how to be grateful.

There are so many more intentional learning experiences from the experience. For example, through rhyme, repetition children can learn expressions and vocabulary. They can practice fine motor skills through some safe tasks such as kneading dough, stirring, and mashing and learn how we can work cooperatively with others.

Mrs. Sammy and her class would love for you to try the Dinner Table Challenge at home so you can share your gratitude with the ones you love.

Enjoy this healthy pumpkin pie recipe from Mrs. Sammy’s Kindergarten Class:

Ingredients: flour, water, egg substitute, spices.

Put flour and shortening into a small bowl.


Add water and use a spoon to toss quickly.


Add the pumpkin pie filing with egg substitute, sugar and spices



and then…Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes


Dinner Challenge: Before you take the first bite, go around the table to say something you are thankful for about the person to next to you.

Mrs. Sammy’s class the children reflected on the experience.

“My daddy ate a lot the pie and made it all gone. My Mommy did not try it . Emilee loved it and Avery said it was kind of good!- shared one of the students.
“My mommy said it was good and said it needed eggs ” but
Alyssa did not like the pie –
Another student, Viviana will be taking her pie and comparing it to the new pie.

At the end of the class Mrs Sammy reminded the children of all the lessons learned. “Baking this cake, was a lot of work. Next time we eat, we have to remember that sharing is caring” – ” and is important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude when we eat.”



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