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Young Innovators Childcare Approach

We Practice What We Teach

Cutting-Edge Curriculum, Teaching Strategies, and Lesson Plans

Innovation is never completed. There is always a new problem to solve, an iteration, or a fresh way of thinking to innovate for a better world. Based on current research and technological advances, our writing team is always designing, enriching, and testing new pieces of curriculum to adjust to the rapid pace of change. That’s the reason we have developed strategic partnerships to push our curriculum even further and serve as a bridge between academia and practice.

Our mission is to provide young learners with the mindsets and learning frameworks needed to innovate in a world of constant change.

We Practice What We Teach as a Company

The Power of an Innovative Mindset

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve.

Young Innovators Coding

The Power of Humility

We are open to receiving feedback, learn from our mistakes, try new ideas, and learn from others.


The Power of the Growth Mindset

To create new and better ways of doing things, we need to engage at a deeper level with emotions as the brain connects to high-order cognitive skills such as memory and attention.


The Power of Emotions

To engage emotionally with content, we engage both sides of the brain.

Young Innovators Infant Daycare

The Power of Curiosity

Innovation starts by asking good questions and allowing ample time for exploration and collaboration that allows good ideas to emerge.


The Power of Risk-Taking

Our company encourages risk-taking and the freedom to fail as an important step of the innovation process.

Young Innovators Preschool

The Power of Community

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation but inside our communities and networks.


The Power of Differentiated Instruction

We believe that knowing learning styles, background, and passions allows us to design learning experiences that connect with our intrinsic motivations as learners.

Young Innovators Daycare Oviedo FL

The Power of Maker-Centered Learning

We are all makers. Innovation is a combination of great ideas and hard work. When we find out how things work, we shift mindsets from consumers to creators of solutions.
For more information on the benefits of Maker Centered Learning  and how to practice thinking routines with your child visit their webpage and download the White Paper from Project Zero and Agency by Design.

The Power of Reflection

We take time to connect and reflect to understand what they have learned.

Young Innovators Preschool Learning Environment

The Power of Connection

We provide learners with opportunities to connect learning to real-life challenges.


The Power of Sharing

Our company believes in the power of sharing with others as a platform for change. We write books and design toys and experiences with parents and educators around the world to create a better world for all.

Young Innovators Preschool Oviedo FL

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