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A model early learning child care program in Fishhawk, Florida.

Young Innovators Academy provides outstanding premium quality child care and early learning education to families in the FishHawk and Lithia communities. When you walk into our school you notice the signs of a safe, nurturing environment to create the perfect atmosphere for learning. Built by educators, our company is committed  to  the pillars of high quality standards. Elementary schools serviced include FishHawk Creek Elementary, Bevis Elementary, Stowers Elementary, Pinecrest Elementary and Lithia Springs Elementary School.

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of Innovators

Can you imagine how different your life would be if you were empowered to follow your interests, your intuition, and imagination at a very young age?

At Young Innovators Academy we believe all children are wired with the critical skills and mindsets that will make them successful in the future.

Our proprietary curriculum gets children and adults passionate about learning turning classrooms into innovation parties.

Young-Innovators child care


Rooted in research on how children learn and develop, our curriculum offer a personalized way to preserve the mindsets and skills to help every child realize their untapped potential, ideas and problem-solving capacities.

commitment to quality

Our company is built by educators with a solid understanding of child care and development, teaching and learning strategies to support  teachers with curriculum implementation, behavior management strategies, family engagement and professional development.


Our commitment to safety is vetted from the inside out. Our campuses all comply with state licensing.  We offer enhanced safety measures throughout the school, camera viewing, and separate outdoor playgrounds with impact surfaces.


Young Innovators Academy embraces innovation. Everyone works together to create and implement initiatives that can move the company forward into the future. We operate more as one team working toward a collective goal, to empower children to become the innovators of the world.

School memories

Featured Class Projects

Baby Product

Children conduct observations in the infant room. After gathering information, they work in small groups to ideate, create a prototype, and test it.

Emergency Supplies to Remote Areas

The children brainstorm a way to deliver food and supplies to a remote area. Children will learn about geography, physics and gravity by researching, ideating, prototyping and creating different solutions.

Wildlife Crossing

The children learn about wildlife and how animals have adapted to live around human populations. They will determine how and what to build for animals to cross safely from one side of the street to the other.

Archaeological Tool

Children will encounter an interesting story about an old artifact buried in the school backyard. The challenge is to dig it out without breaking it. Children will use their fine motor skills and learn some engineering tricks to create the perfect tool to dig out the hidden artifact.



Melissa LaRosa

“It was so hard for me to trust anyone with my little one and I can’t tell you how amazing the staff is at this location. Ms. Noris and Johana and Mrs. Jeth and every single teacher at that school are so welcoming and genuinely care for the kids.”

Monty Lopez

Monty Lopez

“As a mom, it can be hard to trust just anyone with my twin girls. Immediately Mrs.Noris the daycare director put my worries at ease and made us feel at home. …We are so lucky to have found this daycare.”

Amber Leigh Weidner

Amber Weidner

“Absolutely LOVE this preschool!!! After interviewing a few daycare choices for my infant son, this place checked all of the boxes! The entire staff is great! If you’re searching for a daycare/preschool, hands down, this is the ONE!”

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Parent Involvement

Our families have access to a variety of resources, including activities at home, research papers, educational podcasts, and blogs that reinforce the language, behaviors, and thoughts that promote the maker mindset. 

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erika seger

Erika Seger


Educator, Passionate in curriculum implementation, Operations, and Director. Responsible for keeping things in order, family fun nights, and tailgating after an UCF Football game.
Desiree Soto


Director of Operations

I’m a mom to three amazing boys and married to my favorite Army Veteran. I have worked in Early Childhood Education for many years and have Bachelor degrees in Child Development and Cognitive Studies. When I’m not out doing the sports mom thing, you can find me at home doing some type of project or DIY. 


Dr. Debby Mitchell

VP Curriculum

Educator, curriculum writer and teacher. I blend my passion for music with my kinesthetic learning style and coffee to create fun music. 

jeth perry

Jeth Perry

Vpk Director / Teacher
I have been an educator for preschool students for the past 33 years. I have had the following positions as a director, assistant director, and curriculum specialist. I love to cook and dance. My favorite hobbies are visiting different places and collecting shells when I go to the beach.


Assistant director

I am an educator who loves to help children  grow and learn. I believe that creating experiences and memories with children is a lifelong  experience. I love to watch movies, be with my  family and watch  sunsets.

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 Young Innovators Academy’s unmatched preschool approach helps preserve the creative confidence and robust learning power of the early years to help students grow the knowledge, skills, mindsets, and values that will help them become confident lifelong learners.

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