Our CEO, Marnie Forestieri featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine

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Marnie Forestieri envisioned a groundbreaking approach to early childhood education: leveraging technology to create engaging learning experiences for young children in Hispanic Executive Magazine. Thus, she founded the Young Innovators Academy, driven by the mission to positively impact the lives of countless kids.

Forestieri’s strategy is to blend traditional childcare practices with innovative technological tools. Moreover, the aim is to cultivate a dynamic and stimulating environment where children can flourish. By integrating gadgets, interactive activities, and creative learning methods, she seeks to instill foundational skills while nurturing curiosity and imagination.

Moreover, Forestieri aims to foster collaboration among local daycare centers and community organizations, uniting them under the banner of the Young Innovators Academy. This collective effort is poised to amplify the reach and effectiveness of early childhood education initiatives. It ensures that more children have access to high-quality learning experiences.

Forestieri believes in how education can change lives. She thinks the Young Innovators Academy isn’t just about fixing childcare problems now. It’s also about making big changes in how we teach kids. Forestieri wants to use new ideas, teamwork, and making sure everyone feels included to make things better. Her goal is to create a future where every kid can do well and be happy.

Marnie Forestieri faced the challenge of thinking outside the box and reimagining new possibilities. Young Innovators Academy, Forestieri’s brainchild, aims to build on her experience by bolstering early childhood learning through technology-enabled components that will collectivize and unify local childcare and community-based organizations around the brand.

“There’s what many consider a national childcare crisis in Hispanic Executive Magazine,” Forestieri says. “Our mission is to impact as many young kids as we possibly can.” This industry demands some disruption, and that is what we’re going to do.

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