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After school enrichment
and English Language Classes

For Children 3 to 10 Years Old

Our After School programs in Santo Domingo offer a transformative educational experience to prepare the next generation  for the global economy.

Think Globally, Learn Locally

85% of the jobs of the future have not been invented. Yet, we know there will be high demand for STEM jobs.
Our after school programs in Santo Domingo are designed to instill the mindsets, skills and content knowledge required to succeed in a world of constant change.
We do this by utilizing original songs, movement and learning experiences to help shift the mindset of children from consumers to creators.


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STEM For English Language Learners

In the twenty-first century, the entire world has become narrow, sharable and familiar for all the people living on this earth. and English is the global language.

We use children’s natural interest for the world around them to teach STEM for English Language Learners through immersive STEM experiences to boost learning, engagement and retention.

Give Your Child The Innovation Advantage


Which one will your child choose?

STEM for ESL Learners

Is your child learning English? We use children’s natural interest for the world around them to teach STEM and English through immersive experiences to boost learning engagement and retention.


Does your child love to tinker and create new things, or are they the kind of learner who likes to break things apart to see what’s inside? Our Engineering Track allows children to work in real-world challenges to build communities, super-cool cars, amusement parks, and world wonders as they are introduced to how things work and explore careers in STEM.


Is your child fascinated by technology? Your kid will have a blast exploring the world of technologies as they build, learn, and play.

Science and Math Tracks

Train your child to think like a scientist! We leverage young children’s interest in science as a getaway to introduce them to science and math projects.

Accreditations and Awards


This school is changing the way education is done. Innovative, empowering, and inspiring are just a few words to describe this school. Excited to see how things change!

Jennifer Alberson

A wonderful home away from home for the kiddos, phenomenal staff, state of the art technology and 21st-century curriculum. A gem, one of a kind, nurturing environment.

Katie Mitzner

I couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for my son. Talented, dedicated educators & challenging but appropriate curriculum. Have grown to know and love the YIA team!

Courtney McGovern



Erika seger

VP of operations

Director, educator and mother of three. Responsible for keeping things in order, family fun nights and tailgating after an UCF Football game.


Andrea medina

School director

Childcare boss, teacher and administrator. .


Dr. Debby Mitchell

VP Curriculum

Educator, curriculum writer and teacher. I blend my passion for music with my kinesthetic learning style and coffee to create fun music. 

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