Curriculum Coordinator in Winter Garden

Young Innovators Academy Promotes Jackeline Garcia as a Curriculum Coordinator in Winter Garden.

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Young Innovators Academy (YIA) proudly announces the promotion of Jackeline Garcia to curriculum coordinator and enrichment program teacher.

YIA is pleased to promote her in this role, recognizing her achievements. Ms. Garcia exhibits all the values of our company, including a passion for education, teamwork, and exceptional leadership skills. Ms. Garcia consistently dedicates herself to excellence in her work. Her meticulous approach to curriculum development and instructional methods ensures an optimal learning environment for our students. Furthermore, her genuine caring attitude and happiness are evident in her interaction with both students and staff members.

She always fosters a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, where each individual feels valued and encouraged.
As a curriculum coordinator, she is undoubtedly committed to these values. Her dedication will further enrich the educational experience at Young Innovators Academy.

At Young Innovators Academy, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of making an impact. We also believe in celebrating the journey as much as the destination. We have always guided our strides in education by our desire. Our goal is to create transformative learning spaces that shape today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders. We are fervent believers in sharing our journey; not just the successes but the learning curves and challenges that we overcome. Our unwavering commitment to drive change binds us as a community. This is the spirit that we wish for each member of our academy to carry forward, as we continue in our mission to make a tangible difference in the world.

As curriculum coordinator, Ms. Garcia will be responsible for designing and implementing the academy’s curriculum, ensuring it aligns with current educational standards and encourages critical thinking skills. She will also work closely with teachers to provide ongoing training and support in delivering engaging lessons to students.

In addition to her new role as curriculum coordinator, Ms. Garcia will continue to teach the academy’s enrichment programs, which include arts, coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Her diverse background in technology and arts equips her to inspire students to explore and excel in these areas.

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