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As curriculum innovators, we are always improving our latest version.

We are entering a new era of innovation.

We know that 85% of the careers of the future haven’t been invented yet and that there will be high demand for STEM jobs.

Yet, STEM classes aren’t enough to prepare kids for the future. The future depends heavily on whether education can adapt to a rapidly changing world.

At Young Innovators, we believe all children are wired with the critical skills and mindsets that will make them successful in the future.  Our programs offer a radically personalized way to preserve the mindsets and skills and  help every child realize their untapped potential, ideas, and problem-solving capacities.

We do this by utilizing original songs, movements and individualized learning journeys to help shift the mindset of children from consumers to creators.


Pillars of high quality learning

Education approach


The brain is a highly integrated organ and its multiple functions operate in coordination with one another. If the two sides of the brain are disconnected or if they are not wired to “talk” with each other, a child could struggle with learning challenges as emotional well-being provide a strong foundation for emerging cognitive abilities.

As curriculum innovators, we introduce the latest research into our practice.  By introducing children to  interdisciplinary lesson plans, design thinking and maker-centered curriculum we develop personalized learning journeys using an empathy-driven problem solving process to connect both sides of the brain.

Our activities offer young learners the opportunity to design, create, make and interact with technology through a hands-on approach that promotes joyful learning to help shift the mindset of children from consumers to creators.

Our child-centric learning curriculum is designed to foster a heightened awareness of the world, helping our students reach beyond the possible, and inspiring them to think deeper and feel more.

Our students enter the traditional school system with the ability to think for themselves, to solve problems, to treat themselves and others with kindness, and to develop the confidence it takes to make the world a better place.


Certainly, the health and safety of children and staff has always been the priority. We hold each micro preschool accountable to higher standards of safety and cleanliness . 

From every detail of our classrooms, including closed-circuit cameras, biometric finger scanners to secure entry and emergency procedures, safety is our priority.


As can be seen, when you walk into any Young Innovators Academy you notice the signs of a safe, nurturing environment to create the perfect atmosphere for learning. 

Furthermore, as a growth mindset company we practice what we teach with the belief that we can grow our intelligence and guide students toward embracing growth by the way teachers interact with students and how they see students.


Students are positioned as creators, inventors, innovators and problem solvers.


Program Highlights

Innovation in Education is more important than just technology. The Innovation Advantage (R) combines the best thinking of renowned early learning philosophies like Reggio Emilia, Montessori with the latest child development studies and research from leading universities.

As curriculum innovators we are pioneers in STEAM, design thinking, and maker-centered curriculum development introducing children to an empathy-driven problem-solving process to connect both sides of the brain.


For this purpose, our curriculum takes into consideration all facets of a child’s growth and development to connect both sides of the brain.

Given that, our research-based interdisciplinary curriculum works across disciplines infusing 21st-century skills, maker mindset, and STEAM learning.

To start with, we set a starting point for each student, weekly and long-term goals with Individualized learning paths.

From daily journals to class projects and portfolios, our documentation boards are visible in the school for revisiting and reflection.

Promoting student empowerment by allowing children to explore their own passions and interests.

The role of the teacher as facilitators and makers to promote a growth mindset culture, that encourages risk-taking, reflection, and sharing.

Our certified teachers must undergo an extensive certification process and renew their credentials every year.

Proprietary programs in STEAM, ESL, Arts, creative, social-emotional, and character development actively infusing innovation principles that will prepare children for a world of constant change.

Give your child the
Innovation Advantage!


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