The Gratitude Family Challenge

2020 has provided us with many challenges and a life-changing year. And now, looking back, we can reflect on the lessons learned.

At the end of this week, Young Innovators Academy kicks-off a Family Gratitude Challenge to kickstart gratitude practices and introduce young learners to ways in which people can make the world a better place by being kind.

We kick off our favorite season celebrating our traditional SongFest to introduce our students to America’s first thanksgiving through stories, songs, and a school play.

At the end of the week, families will join us in a virtual celebration on Facebook Live. “Holiday traditions will likely be different this year but can still meaningful,” says Misti Castner, School director at Young Innovators Academy in Oviedo. “We will still sing along delightful songs in a virtual songfest celebration.”

Research points out the positive influence of school play such as gaining confidence, working in groups, and cooperation. Research also shows that kindness increases happiness and reduces stress. “Despite the challenges we face, we have been blessed with gifts of friendship, family and, a wonderful community,” says Erika Seger, Chief of Operations at Young Innovators Academy. “we are committed to promoting activities to remind our community of the things we are thankful for.

This week we celebrate World Kindness Day. Through the years, World Kindness Day evolved into an entire week of kindness celebrated during the second week of November, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. On Friday, families are invited to participate in a 10-day Family Gratitude Challenge to experience kindness in a new way with age appropriate activities that introduce kindness for preschool and after school-age children. “There is also going to be a giveaway at the end of the 10- day challenge for families”-Says Erika Seger, “a copy of our award-winning book,Simple Steamwritten by Dr. Debby Mitchell and Marnie Forestieri. We invite families to join the 10- day challenge to experience gratitude, the Young Innovators Way.


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