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Young Innovators Academy® opens a new location in Winter Garden, Florida.

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New Childcare in Winter Garden opens in March 2023.

Design thinking in preschool? Robotics and Coding? Check out how this Florida Based early education Company prepares children for a world of constant change.

A company built by educators designed to empower young learners to become agents of change in their communities. Young Innovators Academy, an early learning company on a mission to empower young learners to meet the challenges of an uncertain future, is pleased to announce the opening of a new early learning academy in Winter Garden.

The center will start enrolling new students in February 2023; consequently, it provides childcare, enrichment programs, and early education for children from six weeks to six years of age.
Experts on the future of work say that much of the workforce is at risk of becoming obsolete. This is because of the spread of computers, robots, and other automated technologies. Young Innovators Academy believes that the traditional preschool method is not preparing young children for the future. The program introduces young learners to a new approach to educating the future workforce. It does so during the most fertile years of brain development, encouraging children to become confident and independent learners.

At Young Innovators Academy, young learners graduate as life-long learners because the program instills a passion for continuous learning and curiosity. They are intrinsically motivated to solve the most challenging problems for others and take ownership of their learning. “ MarnieForestieri, CEO of Young Innovators Academy.

“Our preschoolers take part in a project to help calm infants, providing an example of what happens inside our classrooms. Children discover the problem by conducting observations in the infant room. They then go back to their classrooms to research and learn about the topic. Once the small group identifies a main problem, they brainstorm ideas on products to design, prototype, and create. After creating the product, they test it with the end users. In this case, the infants help identify ways to improve the design.”

The company commits to high-quality standards and operates corporate centers owned by educators. The Winter Garden location is a joint venture with the former Orlando Fire department district chief, Danny Wilson. “Young Innovators Academy is a joy-filled, student-centered focused where young children explore real-world topics in a hands-on learning environment solving challenges using creativity, critical thinking, and making things,” said Danny Wilson.

Rooted in research on how children learn and develop, our programs offer a radically personalized way. This way aims to preserve the mindsets and skills of the early years. This helps every child learn new things and realize their untapped potential, ideas, and problem-solving capacities.

Young Innovators Academy Proprietary Curriculum, the Innovation Advantage and enrichment programs were developed by Early Childhood University professors and practitioners to help young children gain mastery of core subjects like math and language while also developing the skills, mindsets, and habits of lifelong learning.

To complement the academic curriculum, Young Innovators Academy utilizes various enrichment programs crucial to advancing, such as Innovation parties, Music, STEAM, philanthropy, Learn exercises, coding and robotics, manners and etiquette, and foreign languages.

“We are excited to meet the demand of families and a curriculum to help children develop the mindsets, skills, and content to prepare them for the future,” said VP of curriculum Dr. Debby Mitchell offering a program called “The Innovation Advantage” to empower or inspire young children to take ownership of their learning and become agents of change.

Conveniently located in Winter Garden, the new childcare center location in Winter Garden allows for easy access to the city and meets the high demand for quality childcare in the area. To introduce the program, the Young Innovators team will host free community events for parents and children during the months of march for children 2 to 5 years old s for parents to experience the program.

About Young Innovators Academy®

With greater national attention on early brain development during the most crucial years of a child’s growth, Young Innovators Academy holds the belief. This belief is that all children possess the critical skills wired to make them successful in the future.

In a post-COVID world, we can return to the old model of instruction that is antiquated. Alternatively, we can embrace a redesign of education to prepare children for a rapidly changing world. This focuses on preparing learners for a rapidly changing world. The program places a prominent focus on preserving mindsets and skills. Simultaneously, it provides young learners with content knowledge to empower them to take ownership of their learning.

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