How to Teach children how to make friends


How to teach children how to make friends in preschool is an important life school. From a young age, it’s been fun to watch my son interact with other children and make friends. It starts with smiling and laughing when other people look at your child. And as they grow up, it becomes a bit […]

What is the best preschool curriculum for your child?


What is the best preschool curriculum for your child? Preschool curriculum must be fun to learn, but also fun to teach! This is one of the topics we discuss in the last episode of Procare Software podcast we sit down with Ryan Gwaltney. In this podcast we talk about how it’s important to our founder […]

At Home Activities

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STEAM Learning At Home helps parents transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. STEM learning concepts do not have to be intimidating. You just need to gather a few materials to spark your child’s interest in the science behind the fun.  You’ll just need: Mentos and Diet Coke  This simple STEM Learning at home experiment […]

Why Social-Emotional Activities Are Important for Kids


Social-emotional skills help children build healthy relationships and properly express their emotions. These skills help children show empathy to others and express themselves in a healthy and controlled way. From the moment babies are born, they begin learning social-emotional skills.