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“The childcare industry demands some disruption, and that is what we’re going to do.”
Marnie Forestieri

High-Quality Preschool Education Near You

Hello, Welcome to Young Innovators Academy,

We're a group of experienced early childhood entrepreneurs, visionaries and teachers that decided to create the change we want to see in the industry.

We saw a problem in the childcare business models and we decided to create the change we want to see: career paths for early childhood professionals, technology to help independent programs run their programs efficiently, high quality affordable solutions to parents and learning experiences for children that set the foundation of lifelong learning. Our business model is designed around the needs of parents, children and childcare professionals.

Every child deserves high quality affordable preschool education. We are on a mission to provide learning experiences for children to improve the quality of early learning in your community. To keep our mission intact as we scale and always keep the children’s interest first, we became a Teacher-owned brand in the childcare industry.

Childcare Reimagined

Empowering Educators 

We assist licensed childcare providers in running their programs and offer training to prospective childcare owners. Our corporate team offers marketing, technology, training, curriculum, customer service, and more.


Empowering Parents

Our promise to parents is to assist you in finding the right childcare program that meets your needs and fits your budget with the assurance that the program will set up the foundation for school success. In order to do that, our programs are required to meet our safety standards, follow our curriculum, and meet licensing regulations in your state.

Young Innovators Academy Daycares and Preschools

From home daycare providers to small centers and faith-based providers, you can select the childcare provider that fits your personal preferences and family budget.

Young Innovators Academy Daycares and Preschools

The Power of Innovation

Young Innovators uses the power of technology to bring together the best providers in our industry. Our providers share the same vision of transforming their communities using people-centered design and maker-centered learning as a platform for change to empower young learners to become the fearless problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Under the power of one brand, we offer a curriculum designed to prepare 21st-century learners, operational systems, and a technology platform to scale. We have the solution to the three biggest challenges of the early childhood industry.

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