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New Podcast Alert: Meet Ayana a Preschool Teacher turned Childcare Entrepreneur.

Written by Media Relations

Inspiring new episode Podcast alert!

From childcare teacher to director, and then childcare entrepreneur, Ayana Laurent  has navigated her way to the forefront of early childhood development services and serves as an inspiration for teachers and directors in the early childhood industry. 

Ayana's award-winning preschool Building Blocks Academy powered by Young Innovators serves as the home away from home for many past and present families in the Waterford community area. Ayana's school is a remarkable privately owned facility that provides students with a rich and diverse learning environment, offering unparalleled teaching methods and outstanding customer service to launch students into a successful future. Her teachers love her because she understands the industry, respect her because she worked her way up and serves as an inspiration to all.

Ayana's love for the early childhood education field blossomed over 13 years ago where she had an opportunity to work with children and fell in love with the art of teaching while going to school at Florida State University. She worked hard to graduate from school with a degree in Social Science, obtain a Child Development Associate, and then her Florida directors credential. After several years, she became a director to realize that she loved working with teachers, rebuilding the education program, and building relationships with families. Ayana says that "Opening my preschool has been the goal ever since."

Her inspiring story proves that with sheer determination, a plan, discipline, and will power, preschool teachers can also become great childcare owners.

Today she joins the show to talk about:

  • the influences on his own life and her path to childcare ownership
  • ...why embracing and sharing our story is critical to shaping the lives of children and their families
  • .... it all starts with a plan! 
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