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Infant, Preschool & After-School Childcare

The Innovation Advantage

The Innovation Advantage of Cutting-Edge Curriculum and Lesson Plans

At Young Innovators, we believe all children are wired with the critical skills and mindsets that will make them successful in the future.  Our goal is to preserve the creative confidence and mindset of the early years and turn them into the fearless problem solvers, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, and innovators of the future.

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Infants and Toddlers (1-18 Months)

Experts agree that the primary need of infants and toddlers is emotional connection and responsive caregiving. Relationships are the foundation for curriculum implementation and learning, and responsive caregiving and individual caregiving routines build trust and strong emotional connections.

To support teacher’s planning process, our curriculum team has developed activity cards and group activities organized around developmental learning domains to reinforce the scope and sequence of the curriculum and the expected milestones.


Our research-based curriculum is designed around early brain development research which places a special emphasis on social emotional development. The program takes into account the fact that children develop at different developmental levels during the period of growth from 18-36 months of age. Our program allows teachers to individualize instruction based on your child’s assessment and inclusion strategies.

Teachers are offered the opportunity to meet the needs of learners by creating adaptations based on your child’s language, culture, interests, motivations, and readiness.

To support the teacher’s planning process, our curriculum team has developed activity cards and group experiences organized around developmental learning domains to support the scope, sequence, and milestones of the age group. Your child’s activities are infused into daily routines and are aligned to Head Start School Readiness Goals and your state standards.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum is a research-based interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates learning domains and works across disciplines and diverse content areas. Our lesson plans infuse 21st-century skills, STEAM learning, and principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to empower young learners to become the fearless problem solvers of tomorrow.

Our curriculum team has developed a proprietary curriculum and lesson plans that support the scope and sequence of your state.

After School Adventures and Vacation Camps

The after-school standards are based on national research and best practices in the youth development and education fields. Our program is designed around five key components.

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