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Turn a Child's wondering questions into projects. The Pumpkin Project

This month Ms Jamie's classroom started a class project to get everyone excited about the fall.    The preschool pumpkin STEAM investigation started...
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INNOVATION VIRTUAL LOUNGE  Full Day for School Age Children

Looking for ways to supervise your children with at-home online courses?. With local elementary schools choosing to continue with distance...
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Inspiring parenting Story from the UK. Learn about Fran's NHS Rocks.

In this episode, we share an inspiring parenting story from the UK. It all started when Fran Aiello, a British mom decided to discover nature with...
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Roadmap to Early Childhood Education Careers

Episode Transcript Today we have the opportunity to interview and have as a guest at true expert in the early childhood field.  Dr. Nana Robertson is...
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Our CEO was featured 2020 Women Who Move The City

The Young Innovators team was featured in the 2020 edition "Women Who Move the City" Marnie Forestieri had been trying to solve one problem for...
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Corona Crisis Help for providers? Join our CEO

Join Our CEO Marnie Forestieri and inspiring members of the HiMama Community in an exclusive Q&A panel this Friday (March 27) at 1 PM ET. Here's the...
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Orlando's Childcare Tech Start Up

As parents become more aware of the importance of the first five years in a child’s life, addressing the most significant problems of the industry...
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Project Zero and Agency by Design Researchers Visit Young Innovators Academy

With the mission to provide young learners with the mindsets and learning frameworks needed to innovate in a world of constant change, the Young...
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“4 Intentional Parenting Strategies to Prepare Your Child for the Careers of the Future”

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