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The Power of Making

During the space month, our young learners became part of NASA's junior Space program to solve different problems. Before embarking in the imaginary...
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Celebrating National Inventors’ Day with your child

National Inventors’ Day is February 11 and offers an opportunity to discuss creativity and trial and error with your child. As children learn how...
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Critical Success Factors of Childhood Development

The habits you allow your children to form, the lifestyle you lead and the overall attention you give your child each day all affect their childhood...
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How to Choose a Childcare Provider

I remember vividly what it was like the first time I talked to childcare providers. At first, no one seemed good enough. And during the tour, I had a...
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What are the mindsets children need?

When my son was young and just learning how to be on the move, he was fearless. He tried anything, climbed with no regard to the dangers it posed and...
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New Year’s resolutions for children

New Year’s resolutions can teach children positive ways in which they can alter their behavior. Plus, when you make resolutions as a family, you can...
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Orlando's Childcare Tech Start Up

As parents become more aware of the importance of the first five years in a child’s life, addressing the most significant problems of the industry...
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Mount Vernon School visits Oviedo

  Oviedo, Florida. Young Innovators Academy hosted a visit from the Mount Vernon Institute of Innovation. Mount Vernon School is a private school in...
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Project Zero and Agency by Design Researchers Visit Young Innovators Academy

With the mission to provide young learners with the mindsets and learning frameworks needed to innovate in a world of constant change, the Young...
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“4 Intentional Parenting Strategies to Prepare Your Child for the Careers of the Future”

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