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Inspiring parenting Story from the UK. Learn about Fran's NHS Rocks.

Marnie Forestieri
Written by Marnie Forestieri

In this episode, we share an inspiring parenting story from the UK. It all started when Fran Aiello, a British mom decided to discover nature with her young children and noticed rocks in her garden.

Looking for ways to engage her children in a conversation about lockdowns and Covid-19, she found a creative way to engage her children in a conversation about the situation and at the same time, show appreciation to first responders in her city by hiding painted rocks for first responders to find.

Her idea turned into a Facebook page and other parents started to share the experience and rocks on social media.

In the podcasts, she shares her journey of turning everyday experiences into meaningful moments, how to start a project with your child and the messages behind her inspiration.

Fran shares “It started off as me wanting to do it in Brighton and Hove but then I ended up sharing the page and we have some amazing people from the UK getting involved and painting them.

“We painted loads and added them to my page and since then other people have been adding theirs, their designs are out of this world I never knew you could make a rock look so amazing.

Fran, Bluebell (7 years), and Dexter (22 months) thanks for sharing your message of love, kindness, community  and becoming the  change we want to see in the world.

Here is a link to the podcast.

HHS  Rocks

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