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Orlando's Childcare Tech Start Up

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As parents become more aware of the importance of the first five years in a child’s life, addressing the most significant problems of the industry begins by having a deep understanding of the end-users.

As an entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder, Marnie Forestieri realized that the existing childcare business models were not able to address the most critical issues, including alarming turnover rates in the industry and lack of career advancement opportunities for childcare professionals. 

“High quality of instruction is the most important quality indicator of a program and what young children need.  You are not able to provide the consistency children need with childcare workers that are underpaid,  lack benefits and have no career advancement opportunities. Teaching children to have the mindsets of the future begins by the way we respect and empower our childcare professionals .” says Forestieri. 

Young Innovators is turning childcare workers into education entrepreneurs and assisting independent providers run their businesses efficiently by offering the services of a childcare franchise at a fraction of the cost.

In April 2020, Young Innovators will launch a network of daycare and preschool providers throughout Central Florida. Hand-picked home daycare, childcare, and faith-based childcare centers will unite to  propel the vision of educating the next generation of innovators.

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