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Our Value Proposition

At the heart of your education business is the operator or owner. 

Empowerment -  We empower and equip you with all the information you need to set the foundation for a successful childcare program.

Low entry point to the Childcare Industry- lower entry fees and financial requirements to enter the industry.

Best Operations Resources to Run your center: We provide you with a complete set of tools and a technology platform to automate all aspects of your operation.

Training- Superior training program designed for owners, directors and teaching staff.

Ongoing support through a dedicated support team.

Unique Academic Program- a curriculum team committed to innovation to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Tell us about you




Business Fundamentals

Business Plan Fundamentals

  • Executive summary and keys to success
  • Company formation
  • Expert Real estate team to help you guide your location and geographical markets served
  • Overview of the licensing process
  • Products and Services
  • Expert Finance team to guide you through financing



Marketing Support


  • Overview of the industry
  • Integrated marketing campaigns, which include digital and online advertising support
  • Individual school webpage
  • Designated marketing consultant
  • Assistant in conducting your market research
Financial PLan

Technology Platform

Our technology platform allows you to streamline all your processes solving all your back office headaches.

Compliance dashboards

Owner's dashboard

Vibrant Support Community



Exclusive Curriculum

Exclusive research based proprietary curriculum that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Superior training program for directors, teachers and teachers.

Designated education consultant


Frequently Asked Questions

Who picks the real estate? Up to now, the biggest barrier to entry to the industry is to purchase the real estate as it requires a larger down payment. We make it easy for you. We have developed key relationships with  STNL Development  providing 100% real estate financing options for qualified applicants, allowing you to focus your time and capital on their core business – childcare. SNTL offers a wide variety of options including, purchase existing centers, build to suit opportunities and repurpose real estate.


What is the estimated cost of opening a childcare center? The total cost of each campus varies depending on its size, location and the demographic characteristics of the population you serve. Young Innovators software solutions and services help you master the basics of starting a childcare business regardless of the size.


What type of business and operations training do you provide? We leverage technology to deliver the training you need to run a successful childcare center and support you in a step by step process in every aspect of your operation.


What are the key areas where we will bring about measurable, continual improvement?   We’ll help you run your business more efficiently in the key areas of curriculum, CRM systems, technology, and marketing Prospects. We’ll bring marketing reach and expertise enjoyed by the big national companies, putting your brand on equal footing. An overall recipe for success. Our services empower entrepreneurs to focus on the key ingredients of our industry, enabling them to become the best that they can be.