BRYANNA DUNIGAN - Director Winter Garden

New Childcare Director Announcement Winter Garden
We are pleased to announce that our Winter Garden community will now have a new Childcare Director! We are excited to welcome Bryanna Dunigan, who has years of experience in overseeing childcare facilities and promoting child development.
Bryanna comes with a passion for working with children and creating a safe, nurturing environment for them to learn and grow. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and has previously worked as a lead teacher in various childcare centers.
At our Winter Garden location, Bryanna will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our childcare program, including curriculum development, staff training, and parent communication. With her expertise and dedication, we are confident that she will continue to provide high-quality care for the children in our community.
Parents can look forward to regular updates from Bryanna on their child’s progress and involvement in fun, educational activities. Our Winter Garden community can also expect to see new programs and initiatives under Bryanna’s leadership.
Veteran childcare director and owner Erika Seger says, “I am thrilled to have Bryanna join our team. Her passion for early childhood education and commitment to providing the best care for children aligns perfectly with our values at Winter Garden. I do not doubt that she will excel in this role and make a positive impact on our community.”
We are confident that under Bryanna’s leadership, our Winter Garden childcare program will continue to thrive and provide a supportive, enriching environment for our little ones. Join us in welcoming Bryanna to the Winter Garden community and look forward to exciting developments in our childcare program!

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