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Join the Movement of Preparing Young Children for the Future

Young Innovators is making high early childhood education accessible everywhere by recruiting, training and supporting a network of childcare centers and community leaders committed to preparing children for the careers of the future.


The Innovation Advantage

The Facts

of our brain is developed within the first five years of a child’s life.

of the jobs and careers elementary school students will undertake do not even exist yet.

The Young Innovators Advantage


The Curriculum


Our Programs

Research says that the biggest quality indicator of a program is the quality of instruction. We support teachers by providing access to resources, lesson plans, and professional development to practice  the mindsets, thinking routines and learning frameworks designed to prepare children for school and set the foundation for lifelong learning. 


Parent Communication

We use technology to make communication easy between parents and providers. Parents learn more about the program in the provider page, book tours online, create their child’s profile, set up convenient automatic payments and manage their accounts. 


Affordable High Quality Education

 We believe that  young children across all market segments  should have access to high-quality affordable education. Our simple licensing model eliminates expensive franchise fees allowing all providers to access engaging and fun activities that are intentional and easy to implement. 


We use people-centered design, STEAM and Maker Centered Learning as a framework for learning . Our educational culture promotes joyful learning, risk taking, and innovation to introduce the mindsets that will help young learners become the fearless problem solvers of tomorrow.

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