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Welcome to Young Innovators Academy

We’re a family of accredited early childhood education schools and after care programs on a mission to empower young minds to become the next generation of innovators



What Makes Us Unique


Childcare reimagined

When you walk into any Young Innovators Academy you notice the signs of a safe, nurturing environment to create the perfect atmosphere for learning.  Our Micro Preschools ® offer a family atmosphere with small class sizes, lower student-teacher ratio and individualized learning journeys.


Innovative Curriculum

Unlike traditional preschools and kindergartens, which have used the same educational approach for the last 50 years, we are pioneers in STEAM,  and maker-centered curriculum development introducing children to an empathy-driven problem solving process to connect both sides of the brain.


Tech Centric Approach

To adapt to the rapid pace of change, our company built a technology platform to push new content, provide ongoing support to teachers, support individualized learning experiences and engage families.


Health and Safety First

Our schools are monitored by closed-circuit cameras, emergency procedures are in place and staff members are always available to respond to a variety of emergency medical situations.


Educational Approach

We believe all children are wired with the critical skills and mindsets that will make them successful in the future. 

Our goal is to preserve the creative confidence and mindset of the early years by introducing a learning framework for life across the curriculum using a human centered approach to solve problems and STEAM and Maker Centered Learning to promote learning experiences that encourage joyful learning, risk taking, making and innovation.

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