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Based on Four Essential Research-Backed Components Designed to Give your Child the Innovation Advantage.

The Young Innovators Advantage, is a method of early childhood education and elementary school program that gets children and adults passionate about learning. Young Innovators prototype, experiment, make mistakes, start again, and learn as they go. They are makers, move ideas from conception to fruition and find solutions using empathy as a foundation to solve problems.

Understanding Brain Development

Adults that understand how the early experiences shape the brain and how early brain development has a lasting impact on a child's ability to learn practice intentional routines. Our framework for learning starts with awareness of children’s natural capacities as learners and an understanding of brain development.

The Maker Mindset of Empowered Teachers

Adults practicing Maker Mindsets is a precursor to teaching children our framework and creates a shift in the way adults approach challenges, request feedback and design learning environments. Facilitators are trained in our methodology to promote a growth mindset culture, that encourages risk-taking, reflection, and sharing.


Curriculum Framework and Pedagogy

Our curriculum team has developed a proprietary method and thousands of lesson plans that are easy to implement and infuse maker-centered learning and design thinking in preschool. Our curriculum infuses principles of Project Based learning and Reggio Emilia philosophy, Maker-Centered Learning and Design Thinking introducing children to an empathy-driven problem solving process to connect both sides of the brain. The Young Innovators curriculum is based on a session format, connect with state standards and can be introduced as an enrichment program. We also have a full curriculum and operation dashboards for schools.

Family Partnerships

Our schools build strong partnership with parents to develop a mutual responsibility and provide consistency between the home and school environment. Parents of young children who understand that the first five years are the most critical years of a child’s life have a plan in place that incorporates intentional parenting strategies to prepare children for a world of constant change. Young Innovator's families have access to resources, activities at home, research papers, educational podcasts and blogs that reinforce the language, behaviors and thoughts that promote the maker mindset. 

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