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What Makes Young Innovators Academy Exceptional?​

Young Innovators Academy was built on the belief that doing well is firmly intertwined with helping our communities. The Young Innovators Foundation of Future Innovators formalizes that mission of empowering our school family to give back as they make a difference in the communities where they live and work.

We recognize our responsibility to our employees, families, and communities to build a more equitable tomorrow. To drive sustainable change, we invest part of our profits in grassroots causes, including teacher scholarships, parent education, grants, and community partnerships. 
Our foundation of Future Innovators support various programs to elevate the career of early childhood education and impact children, teachers, and families through volunteers, grants, and resources.

Gratitude is ingrained in everything we do and is how we drive a long-term sustainable business that makes a genuine and lasting positive impact on our school family.
We introduce the importance of generosity and giving. Our philanthropy curriculum teaches young children the importance of giving back by reinforcing the idea each month. Whether benefiting veterans one month or helping animals the following month, as a school family, we support different organizations in our community each month to learn first-hand what it means to give back.

A Company that Gives Back

Young Innovators Academy is your chance to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of young people. By empowering our young people today, the world of tomorrow is more likely to become the compassionate, innovative, and dynamic place we all want to see.

Our Causes

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Early Childhood Teacher Training

Focuses on research studies, training and mentorship opportunities to create and retain the stable and educated workforce. 

We empower early childhood educators to grow their careers through mentorship and education. 

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Teaching Philantropy

The goal of this program is to foster connection and engagement between younger generations and philanthropy organizations while empowering young learners to give back to their own communities.

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Parent Education

Close to our hearts is the mission to provide support to families. We offer parenting classes and information sessions.


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