What is the best preschool curriculum for your child?

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What is the best preschool curriculum for your child? Preschool curriculum must be fun to learn, but also fun to teach! This is one of the topics we discuss in the last episode of Procare Software podcast we sit down with Ryan Gwaltney.

In this podcast, we thoroughly explore the significance to our founder of leaving a legacy. Additionally, we examine her motivations and aspirations. The desire to help other people drives her. This is why, consequently, she decided to leave corporate life for the child care industry. From working in a friend’s child care business to owning her own, Marnie discusses what she’s learned and how her experiences have led to her current venture: Young Innovators Academy. 

Other topics we cover with Marnie include:

  • The idea of “curriculum disruptors” and how curriculum must be not only fun to learn, but also fun to teach
  • Designing experiences for young children that empower them and, simultaneously, pique their curiosity.
  • How to hire a great team and the valuable information you can learn from staff who decide to leave

About Marnie:

Marnie Forestieri is a powerhouse in the child care space. A native of the Dominican Republic, Marnie immigrated to the U.S. in 2006. 

This quote from Hispanic Executive Magazine perfectly encapsulates Marnie’s diverse and impressive career: “From CNN Spanish journalist, to family-business property developer, to documentary filmmaker, to writer, to corporate vice president, to preschool teacher, to curriculum designer, to successful entrepreneur, Forestieri has navigated her way to the forefront of early-childhood development services.”

Marnie is currently the CEO and founder of Young Innovators Academy and has numerous early childhood books under her belt.

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