Maker Moments: Magnetic Powered Car

Making is learning. At the end of this activity, your child will gain an understanding of magnets, a piece of materials that attracts other metals.

Magnetic Powered Car

What You Need:

  • Toy car
  • Road tape (can be bought) or you can use painter tape to make roads
  • Variety of magnets (with different strengths). Try to have at least one bar magnet.

How to Do It:

  • Begin the activity by asking your child, What is a magnet? Discuss how alternative means of power are being explored for use in our cars. Talk with your child about what you notice about magnets, and conduct further research if they are curious to see more types of magnets.
  • With your child, collaborate to build a magnetic powered car. Tape a magnet to the top of a toy car. Test your toy car by using a second magnet to push or pull it by moving it toward the toy car.
  • Lay down a road for your magnetic-powered car. This is not necessary to test out your car but does make it more fun. You can experiment by using a ring, horseshoe, or other magnets.

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