Learning about prehistoric animals

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Innovation is a way of learning at Young Innovators. Our tech-fueled summer camp experience is a perfect blend of digital and physical stimuli.

Indeed, Young Innovators Academy and Valtech are taking our summer camp curriculum to the next level. They are introducing a unique blend of awe-inspiring wilderness adventures and tech-fueled scavenger hunt expeditions.

The Expedition

This week our curriculum expedition brought students to a prehistoric world.

In this scavenger hunt on a trail in Little Big Econ State Forest, Young Innovators will search for hidden stations. They will also be on the lookout for clues. Simultaneously, they will be learning more about dinosaurs that walked the earth long ago.

The recruits traveled to the Econ River Wilderness Area and were each given a field notes pamphlet that prompted them to explore different tech-fueled research stations posted around the area.

Firstly, each student had a token that allowed them to unlock a secret letter code to complete a special assignment. After repeating this investigation at eight separate stations, when put together, the eight-letter clues revealed an exciting surprise.

For this expedition, 60 scientists and recruits went home with a special reward. They also gained a wealth of knowledge about prehistoric creatures. Without a doubt, the experts at Valtech collaborated with the Young Innovators’ team. They imagined, designed, and deployed this unique scavenger hunt experience. Certainly, the experience aims to become an immersive learning experience for young learners for years to come.

Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation a multi-award winning agency that builds connected experiences that improve human lives and make our clients’ businesses grow.

Young Innovators Academy is an innovation-oriented program offering a suite of childcare solutions to support employers and communities, including technology products, employer-sponsored early education, and curricula.

The Young Innovators curriculum is based on cutting-edge research, including Stanford University’s growth mindset and design thinking methodologies and Harvard University’s maker-centered learning.

Discover how we have redesigned our summer camp experiences to meet the challenges of an uncertain future. Learn more about how our family of forward-thinking schools provide children with a transformative educational experience that infuses the mindsets, skills, and content knowledge children need to become the innovators of the world. 

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