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Activities for Preschool at Home

DIY Planters out of Recycled Materials

Interdisciplinary curriculum offer children the opportunity to meet the needs of different learners and get ready for formal school.

Parents can encourage multi disciplinary learning by talking with children about their questions and by interacting with children when they are participating in different activities.

Moreover, according to research on interdisciplinary teaching, experts suggests that combinations of domains helps meet the needs of  different types of learners. 

To illustrate, we share activities for Preschool at Home blog to introduce interdisciplinary lesson plans.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides young children with opportunities to experiment with art materials, introduce new vocabulary words, investigate and work with various tools, processes, and media.

In addition to that, this approach allows children to use imagination and offer opportunities to develop self-discipline, foster thinking skills and creativity.

Looking for an idea on how to integrate science concepts, the arts, and fine motor skills ?

Check our new video blog on Youtube to create a DIY planters and  extend and expand learning that naturally develops while working with art materials.

What you need:

Recycle materials, plastic bottles


Paint brushes

How to do it:

1-) Paint your plastic bottle 

2-) Put the soil inside the plastic bottle

3-) Put your seed or flowers inside the bottle.

Here are some ways you can introduce different skills during the activity:

Introduce the words soil, roots, leaves, seeds, fruits  flower, and gardening.

Looking for ideas on how to introduce math concepts? Discuss sizes, measurements and shape of the plastic bottle.

Looking for questions on how to introduce science concepts? Research things plants need to grow. 

In summary, activities for Preschool at Home section offers interdisciplinary lesson plans to develop skills across the preschool curriculum.

From social-emotional skills, such as sharing materials and cooperating on projects, to language and pre-literacy skills,  to introducing science concepts, this art activity can enhance various content areas.

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