Download your Lesson plan for Theme: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Download your Lesson plan for Theme: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Lesson Plans: We are committed to supporting children and parents during #Covid19.

Join our virtual preschool classroom as we explore learning concepts that go with the theme Goldilocks. Additionally, we’ll engage in interactive activities to enhance understanding and make learning enjoyable. Keep the learning going at home with easy-to-follow activities, home schedules, and a daily TV Show in English and Spanish. Furthermore, these resources will provide continued support for your child’s educational journey.

Here are the core learning objectives of the Theme:

Here are a few of the lesson plans that you will find in your resources. For math, children measure Teddy Bears, practice patterns and solve some math problems. For language and literacy skills children will review letters, search for rhyming words, learn vocabulary words, and retell the story. Moreover, these activities contribute to their overall language development. For the STEM project, they will design and build new furniture for the three bears and learn some new moves. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to learn some new moves, enhancing both their creative and physical skills.


Toddler curriculum

Preschool Curriculum

Join our online community of little learners on social media to share your projects and activities. Moreover, you can connect with other parents and educators to exchange ideas and tips for fostering a love of learning. Tag us and use the hashtag #younginnovatorsacademy for a chance to win freebies and participate in fun virtual activities! Students making a plan to help Jack climb up the Beanstalk! Additionally, they will consider safety measures to ensure a successful adventure.

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You might not have a background in education, but we believe fully that you can use our lesson plans to create an outstanding experience for your child during this challenging time. We believe there’s a power in partnering with families to take everything the child is learning in the classroom back home. That’s why we know parents are ready to take on this challenge of serving as your child’s main educator.

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