Corona Crisis

Corona Crisis Help for providers? Join our CEO

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Corona Crisis: Join Our CEO Marnie Forestieri and inspiring members of the HiMama Community in an exclusive Q&A panel this Friday (March 27) at 1 PM ET.

Here’s the registration link.

In this session, the panel will talk about strategies. The focus will be on how to maintain a good quality of service for your families. This applies whether you are open or working remotely with your families.

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Have YOUR questions answered by Childcare Experts:

To stay open or to close? Learn more about how different centers are responding to the crisis to help inform your decision-making process. What steps other centers are taking to support families? From how to handle tuition to how to keep parents engaged using remote learning, our panelists will do a deep dive into what they are doing!

Why mindset is SO important now, more than ever. Tips on how to keep morale up in your community and ensure that your families and your staff have a childcare center to come back to after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Protecting your mental health. As a childcare leader, YOU are so key in these trying times to provide a sense of direction and reassurance. This is why you must prioritize your mental health. We’ll share some tips and tricks that we’re using to stay positive!

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