Gifts of the Heart

Merry Christmas

Nurturing Gratitude and Kindness in Your Child Practicing gratitude initiates a shift in perspective—from focusing on what’s lacking to cherishing what’s already present. It’s about savoring the small moments, such as the laughter of your child or the beauty of nature. Additionally, it involves appreciating the support of friends and family. By nurturing gratitude in […]

Books Recommendations for the Holidays

Young kids reading a Christmas story together

As December unfolds with its twinkling lights and the enchanting spirit of the holiday season, we find ourselves drawn into a world of reflection, connection with loved ones, and the profound art of giving. Within this festive whirlwind, consider bestowing upon your child a precious gift—one that will outlast the season itself—a foundation in gratitude […]

People on the Move a dedicated preschool teacher


Young Innovators Academy recently promoted Sammy Canabal, a talented and inspiring preschool teacher, to the position of Teacher Coach. The company dedicates itself to championing the power of positive change in its staff. Sammy’s outstanding dedication to fostering a nurturing and creative learning environment for young minds has not only impacted the students. It has […]

Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Kids

Surviving Daylight Savings Time with Kids

Surviving Daylight time will end on November 5th this year. Parents mostly worry about daylight savings time in the spring when we push our clocks forward and lose a precious hour of much-needed sleep. “Falling back” doesn’t always mean an extra hour in bed. It never fails that the time change affects our children and […]

GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch


August 22, 2023 – Orlando, FL – GrowFL is proud to announce the finalists for the 13th Annual Florida Companies to Watch Awards. This prestigious recognition program celebrates high-performing second-stage companies that demonstrate innovative business strategies and excellent potential for future growth. Duke Energy and Perspective CFO & Strategic Services present the 13th Annual GrowFL […]

People on the Move to Education


DOMI MAIGUT ENRICHMENT PROGRAM DIRECTOR Specialty Teacher. My expertise lies in teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI), coding, and specialty Art classes. I am thrilled to bring the wonders of technology and creativity to our young learners in education.   Tell us a little bit about your story Although originally from Romania, I embarked on a journey […]


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