Virtual Holiday Field Trips During Covid

Across the country, many children are at home due to school closures and recommendations for social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus. But with nowhere to go and your childs education pausing, what can you still travel with them? Well, your childs education and your travel plans do not have to pause during this […]

Turn a Child’s wondering questions into projects. The Pumpkin Project

This month Ms Jamie’s classroom started a class project to get everyone excited about the fall. The preschool pumpkin STEAM investigation started by looking closely to pumpkins using 5 senses. Ms Jaimie started the investigation by asking the children to use their five senses to explore pumpkins. Some children noted lines. Another small group compared […]

The Gratitude Family Challenge

2020 has provided us with many challenges and a life-changing year. And now, looking back, we can reflect on the lessons learned. At the end of this week, Young Innovators Academy kicks-off a Family Gratitude Challenge to kickstart gratitude practices and introduce young learners to ways in which people can make the world a better […]

Outdoor STEAM Expeditions: Leaf Sorting

National S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Day on November 8th kicks off a week of S.T.E.A.M. ahead! The day inspires kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Get your child excited about STEAM with an outdoor adventure to find out the job of a leaf. In this activity you will gain an […]

Inspiring parenting Story from the UK. Learn about Fran’s NHS Rocks.

In this episode, we share an inspiring parenting story from the UK. It all started when Fran Aiello, a British mom decided to discover nature with her young children and noticed rocks in her garden. Looking for ways to engage her children in a conversation about lockdowns and Covid-19, she found a creative way to […]

What are the mindsets children need?

When my son was young and just learning how to be on the move, he was fearless. He tried anything, climbed with no regard to the dangers it posed and explored wherever he pleased. But then he fell a few times and he learned fear. While in this situation fear is healthy and I was […]

Project Zero and Agency by Design Researchers Visit Young Innovators Academy

With the mission to provide young learners with the mindsets and learning frameworks needed to innovate in a world of constant change, theYoung Innovators Academycurriculum team is incorporating Maker-Centered Learning. This method will push our preschool program and curriculum further with a framework that places the interests and passions of young learners first. In order […]