Childcare Franchise with a new approach to education

Childcare Franchise on a mission to empower young minds Since the beginning, the school was motivated by a vision to transform early childhood education and has received national recognition for its success. Children born into the 21st century do not remember a time before smartphones, the Internet, and video chats with the grandparents. Young learners […]

What are the mindsets children need?


When my son was young and just learning how to be on the move, he was fearless. He tried anything, climbed with no regard to the dangers it posed and explored wherever he pleased. But then he fell a few times and he learned fear. While in this situation fear is healthy and I was […]

Maker Education is about empowering learners.


Incorporating maker education into our curriculum allow us to place the interests and passions of young learners first. Maker education researchers from Project Zero at Harvard University Dr. Edward Clapp and Dr. Lynneth Solis visit our model school in Oviedo. Curriculum designers, educators and parents participate in sessions throughout the year to learn about the […]

Four Helpful Steps on How to Stop Toddler Tantrums


My son had just one issue with group games – he had to be the winner! If someone was faster in a race or had more painting skills (a great mystery in his mind), the following sequence of events would follow: He would cry, throw himself on the floor, cry again, repeat. There were times […]

This is the Secret to Raising Empowered Learners


You bring your defenseless baby back home. The smell, the smiles, the noise, and the excitement makes up for the long sleepless nights! And in a blink of an eye your little one transforms into an active toddler, then a persistent preschooler, and ends up becoming a challenging teenager. Some of us enjoy the experience […]

Dealing with Change: Here’s How to Help Your Preschooler


The children were only one and four years old when we suddenly had to move. The reality is that I wasnt that excited about the change but I was determined to teach my children that change was as an opportunity for growth. Since we were moving out of town, I decided to do it in […]

What is Included in a STEM / STEAM Program?


Ten years ago, the word STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in education was beginning to sound like the flavor of the month. Some childcare business leaders predicted that it was just a buzz word like many others that would disappear in a few years. Yet, the acronym STEM is here to […]